Don’t be afraid to share your journey… it will inspire others!  Those words were shared with me as a young woman and I have practiced them my whole adult life.  Confusing words for a blog that focuses on a love for antiques, home decorating on a budget and furniture re-dos, right?  My journey has been long and not always easy.  However, the struggle has given me a passion to lift others up.   My hope is to encourage, inspire and promote happy living.

The short version… My step-father was sexually abusive and my mother chose not to remove me from the situation.  It is so hard to wrap my head around that statement even after all these years.  You too, right?  I share that glimpse of my past not for pity, but to encourage others to push forward through the residual effects of abuse and find a path to healing.   Each day, I choose to be a victor and not a victim by doing the things I love and finding happiness one day at a time.

My little business, 4848 Farmhouse, is a dream that my husband and I are slowly turning into a plan!  I hope you will take a little time each week to enjoy the journey with us.  The excitement of the not-yet-found treasure awaits!